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May - October. Rain or Shine(Hopefully Shine!!)

2021 Hazen Flea Market Schedule
May 1st & 2nd            July 31st & August 1st
June 5th & 6th           Sept. 4th & 5th
July 3rd & 4th             Oct. 2nd & 3rd

Social Distancing plan will be in effect and guidance will be dictated by the CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health.  You can check their web sites for information.

On Saturdays vendors are open after 7am and usually stay open until mid afternoon.  On Sunday the vendors begin to open around 7 and will begin packing up by 3pm.  If you are walking around to look at items, plan on it taking a few hours to get through the whole market!
The Flea Market office is open both Saturday and Sunday by 7am and remains open until 4:30.

New Vendors Welcome PA sales tax license required